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Aloe kitten was discovered a few days of a volunteer worker at the shelter in Jaca: Aloe looked at her, openly, quiet look - but very tired and exhausted. The assistant carefully drew it, in the hope that they would dare to. What a surprise, as the little girl came running up and you just fearlessly jumped into his arms.

Although our volunteer has a cat allergy cat and our house is overflowing, they did not have the heart to leave them to their fate. She took Aloe home, gave her water and food and made her way around a cozy spot near the heater. Unbelievable how this poor starved Schnuckelchen was! Who knows how long they had to endure without food.

We appreciate Aloe's age at about 12 months, maybe even a little younger, they are quite thin and must be nursed back hard. Apparently she lives in a house is quite familiar and known. She wants to cuddle and is always eager for caresses.

Also they can not get out of the rest, makes no attempt to scratch their claws for defense or auszufahren. What is particularly remarkable or unusual about her is that she does not purr, and makes no noise. Our female cat snuggles comfortably in the bed like, it was obvious this was permitted by her previous family.

Now the poor aloe definitely not go hungry, thirsty, or be afraid of anything or anyone! We have closed in the shortest time very deeply in our hearts!

This beautiful kitten is very sweet, a very charming treasure, she immediately takes one to one with its incomparable charm itself. She has remarkable eyes and is very clean. We hope that luck is aloe and hold it soon gets a warm spot and a good new home. Our hearted girl had absolutely earned it!

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